Rules and Regulations


Kindly review before signing up.


Article 1. GENERAL 1

1.1 The Chumash Ultra is produced by Big Mig Sports Ventures located in Moorpark California.

The concept behind the race was to bring groups of athletes from all over the world to come and enjoy the beauty of Southern California. In addition, we also like to pay respect to the original inhabitants of this land and the way they lived in harmony with nature. We run a zero waste event, making sure that we leave no footprint in the environment.

1.2 The races are designed for all type of runners, whether they are first-time stage racers, weekend warriors, frequent ultra-racers or running professionals. We welcome runners from all countries, religion, culture, sex and age (18+) are welcome.

1.3 All participants will start each stage together, unless it is deemed necessary to stagger the start times to reduce overall finish length. During the race there will be several checkpoints that each runner must pass in order to continue the stage. Each runner has to carry the mandatory equipment during the race (see equipment checklist). At each checkpoint competitors will be provided with limited water. Cut-off times will be announced prior to each stage depending on weather and organizational conditions. An official ranking will be published after each stage. All runners as well as the organizing and medical team will stay the nights together in the same camp. The whole event will be supported by highly professional volunteers, medical staff, organizers and local capacities.

Article 2. GENERAL 2

2.1. By registering for the Chumash Ultra  you confirm that you have read and understood these Rules & Regulations and that you agree with them, without limitation. You furthermore have agreed to sign the legal waiver for participation.

2.2 These Rules and Regulations represent a legally binding agreement between you and Big Mig Sports Ventures.

2.3 Before entering a race organized by Big Mig Sports Ventures every competitor has to sign all mandatory forms (see under Registration) including these Rules & Regulations.

2.4 Big Mig Sports Ventures reserves the right to change these Rules & Regulations at any time. The valid Rules & Regulations are available at the Chumash Ultra website at any time.


3.1 It is the sole decision of Big Mig Sports Ventures to allocate participation in the race, decline an application or withdraw a participant from the event at any time.

3.2 You must be at least 18 years of age or older at the start of the event to compete in an event.

3.3 You are fully aware and accept that the races may meet a wide variety of terrain and weather conditions. The terrain is in its natural condition and no alterations have been made. You understand the risks associated with a race of this type and fully accept those risks. 

3.4 By registering and competing in the race you are aware and accept that the race is both mentally and physically demanding. You state that you are well prepared and meet all medical requirements to take part in such an event. You are aware that taking part in the race you accept to take higher risks then in your regular life. You agree by competing in the race is always on your own risk and Big Mig Sports Ventures is not be liable or claimed against any personal or material damage.

3.5 By applying for a place in the race every competitor has to fill the mandatory files, that are the Registration Form, the Declaration of Agreement and accept these Rules and Regulations.


4.1 By participating in the race you agree in the following:

You agree that you read and understood the official Rules & Regulations of this race.

You agree in full with the content of the Rules & Regulations.

You guarantee that you have filled and signed all mandatory documents truthfully.

You agree that you join in the event entirely on your own risk and that you do not make Big Mig Sports Ventures liable for any damage or loss to you, your body or your belongings which may occur directly or indirectly before, during or after the event.

You agree that personal travel arrangements are in any case on your own risk.

You authorize the medical team of the event to undertake all necessary decisions to protect your health. And that if you have alterative instructions for the medical team, it is your obligation and duty to present them to the medical team and race director at time of registration.

You guarantee that you join the race in a well prepared condition.


5.1 It is strictly forbidden to leave any litter on the whole course, checkpoints or camps, except especially provided waste containers.

5.2 You are strictly requested to leave the host area and nature in the same condition you have found it. You are strictly requested not to damage any kind of plants, flowers or vegetation. Do not remove or damage any flora or fauna

5.3 Treat all race staff, fellow competitors and encounters with the public with respect, decency and in a manner well deserved.

5.4 You are advised to use the toilet facilities while in the camp/hotels. On the course you are requested to bury any kind of human waste and paper.


6.1 To compete in an event organized by Big Mig Sports Ventures, each participant has to:

a) Apply to the event online by filling the Registration Form

b) Big Mig Sports Ventures will allocate you a place in the race at its sole discretion.

c) Transfer the entry fee in the advised way. Your participation is only effective if the full entry fee is cleared. There will be several options available.

d) Fill and submit all mandatory forms. (see Registration & Entry Details)

6.2 It is each Registrant’s responsibility to check and obtain all passport, visa and immigration requirements before entering the United States. Please let the race director know if there is specific information you need to get a Visa.

Big Mig Sports Ventures does not take responsibility for a rejection of a participant by local Immigration Authorities.


7.1 Competitors may withdraw from the event at any time.

7.2 If you withdraw more than 90 days before the start date of the event, 
you will receive a full refund of the entry fee for the relevant event less the deposit.

7.3 If you withdraw from an Event less than 90 days and 30 days before the start date, Big Mig Sports Ventures will refund 50% of the entry fee.  

7.4. If you withdraw from the event less than 30 days before the start date, Big Mig Sports Ventures will refund 20% of the entry fee.

7.5. Big Mig Sports Ventures considers to credit a part of the not refunded payment for consecutive events but does not have the obligation to do so.

7.6 The entry to an event is allocated on a personal basis. The allocated place is non-transferable.

7.7 Big Mig Sports Ventures reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a place in the event to you for any reason and at any time. In case Big Mig Sports Ventures withdraws you from the event before inception, a full refund will be paid.

7.8 Big Mig Sports Ventures reserves the right to modify the race schedule and/or race course due to events outside their control or for safety reasons.

7.9 Big Mig Sports Ventures reserves the right to cancel the race due to events outside their control, for safety reasons or organizational reasons. If we cancel the event without rescheduling the event, we will fully refund the entry fee only.

Article 8. INSURANCE 

8.1 It is in the sole responsibility of each competitor to take out any kind of insurance policy that is covering personal, medical and material damage.

8.2 Each competitor is fully aware of the risks which the course, the environment and the local conditions of this competition may cause him/her and releases Big Mig Sports Ventures from any responsibility in the case of accident or physical problems.

8.3 Big Mig Sports Ventures strongly recommends that participants take out Cancellation Insurance for your flights and or whatever you deem necessary.

Article 9. THE COURSE

9.1 Big Mig Sports Ventures reserve the right to modify, cancel parts or change the course at any time, for any reason they feel will improve safety and decrease the risk for injury and or potential hazards.

9.2 The competitors must follow the marked route. Any other route or short-cut of the course will result in a penalty and is at the discretion of the race director.

9.3 The course will visibly marked by ribbon, signs, chalk, and or bio-paint. The marking or the natural given track will result in a logical progress of the route.

9.4 It is strictly forbidden to remove, change or damage markings.

9.5 Several checkpoints are arranged on the course. Every competitor has to cross each checkpoint in its announced order. Missing a checkpoint will result in a time-penalty or even disqualification.

9.6 Competitors are strictly advised to fill their personal water-reservoir at each checkpoints.

Article 10. Camps/Lodging

10.1 All competitors, organizers and medical staff will stay each night together in the same camp, hotel or other lodging that was secured. It is not allowed to leave the camp without giving the race organizers notice.

10.2 Toilet facilities will be provided. You are strictly advised to use these facilities. Most of the accommodations will have standard western style toilets with showers available.



Article 11. EQUIPMENT

11.1 You carry the equipment on the Mandatory Equipment List. It is your responsibility to add optional equipment (see Optional Equipment List).

11.2 The personal equipment has to be carried by the competitor him-/herself. No other competitor may carry any of your equipment.

11.3 The event organizer will check your mandatory equipment prior to the start of the race. Additional checks can be taken at any time of the race. Missing mandatory equipment will result in a time penalty or disqualification.

Article 12. BIBS

12.1 Every competitor gets 2 bibs. At any time during the race both bibs have to be visible. One bib on the back and one visible from the front.

Article 13. WATER

13.1 At each checkpoint limited water will be provided to the competitors. This water is for drinking only. Additionally, if we do have a campsite, hot water for cooking purposes will be provided at all campsites.


14.1 The time will start jointly for all competitors at the time of the start of each stage and will stopped for each individual separately when crossing the finish line of each stage. In the event the race director decides to stagger the start, accurate timing will be recorded at the time of each group starts and individually when the racer finishes the stage.

14.2 The first individual to cover all stages in the shortest accumulated time is the winner. Separate rankings for male and females will be awarded.

14.3 All other competitors will be ranked according to their finishing time.

14.4 Age rankings can be established and will be announced prior to the race depending on the number of competitors. The age is based on the competitor’s age at the start of the event.

14.5 For each stage cut-off times will be established at each checkpoint and at the finish of each stage. If a competitor will not reach the checkpoint or finish-line within the given cut-off time, he/she will be taken out of the race. Whether he/she is allowed to continue the race on the next stage is the sole decision of the race director.

Article 15. PENALTIES

15.1 Penalties can be given for all cases of disregard to the official Rules and Regulation and unfair behavior. The penalties will mainly be time-penalties, that will be added to the overall time of the individual. Serious misconduct may also lead to a disqualification. Penalties are at the sole discretion of the race director.

Article 16. DROPPING OUT

16.1 Under no circumstances must any competitor leave the race without informing the race organization, such action will be cause for disqualification. If a competitor leaves the race, he/she must inform the organization as soon as possible to avoid disqualification. The competitor must verbally inform the race organizers of their intent to discontinue or drop out from the event.

16.2. The organizers will take care of the dropped out competitor and will make every effort to bring back the competitor to the next camp as soon as the circumstances allow it.



17.1 A specially-chosen medical team, specialized in sports medicine will be present throughout the race and will have special assistance vehicles. They will be positioned daily at selected check-points and at the finish line. They will ensure that any participant suffering from physical or mental exhaustion will be brought back to the base camp. The medical team is allowed to disqualify any participant they feel physically unfit to continue the race or for receiving vital medical care. The race Doctor(s) have sole discretion to remove a participant from the event. 


18.1 The race organizes will inform the participants of the designated personnel for which you may lodge a protest or a disagreement. That designated person from the organizing team will examine your concern and if necessary forward it to the Race Director.

18.2 Protests have to be expressed at the day of the stage.

18.3 The decision on the protest is at the sole discretion of the Race Director and all decisions of the Race Director shall be final and binding. 

Article 19. AWARDS

19.1 Each competitor who has finished all stages within the given time limits will receive a medal and a finisher shirt.

19.2 Each winner of the individual categories will receive an extra trophy.

Article 20. IMAGE RIGHTS

20.1 Big Mig Sports Ventures reserves all exclusive rights for photo or film coverage of the race. Participants must agree that Big Mig Sports Ventures has exclusive use their individual or collective images for anything related directly or indirectly to their participation in the race. Any photo and film coverage taken during the race cannot used by participants for any use other than personal, unless prior authorization or accreditation by Big Mig Sports Ventures.


21.1 All competitors have to agree in these rules and regulations to ensure a safe, fair, eco-friendly and challenging event.

21.2. Any infringement to these rules & regulations may result in a time penalty or disqualification. This decision is in the sole discretion of the Race Director.